iPhone iOS 11 battery problems

TLDR: Do a complete reset of the phone. It fixed the battery issues for me completely. And even feels better than iOS 10 battery life.

I’ve been on iOS 11 since first beta and I’ve been on battery saving Low Power Mode since then as well. Battery has certainly taken a severe toll on iOS 11. My initial thoughts were well it would get better with other beta updates. But beta after beta updates did not improved the battery life. Even the official release was not helpful.

On the contrary, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus had outstanding reviews for their all day battery life as well as spare for next day. This was really surprising albeit most people attributed this to the A11 bionic chip’s power efficiency.

I tried hard resetting, turning off background refresh, animations as well as other settings like email settings to fetch but nothing really worked. Only the Low Power Mode had the significant impact on battery life.

In the end, I simply resorted to resetting the phone completely. And boy did it work well, perhaps even better than it was in iOS 10. I’ve been getting full day battery life on my 7 Plus with 10 to 20 % spare at the end of the night. Most consumption happens through battery intensive games that I play on my commute to work. I was able to play it for an hour and still had some spare at the end of the day.

I’m absolutely loving it, until the next release. #fingerscrossed