Get A Real Computer. Really?

Get a real computer

I’ve had utmost of respects for Satya Nadella ever since he took over Microsoft as CEO. His vision to bring Cloud to the forefront of company’s ideology has significantly changed Microsoft’s outlook of the future. Microsoft is really much more relevant today as a modern tech company than it has been for the last decade and the stock value is true reflection of that belief investors have in them.

But then he goes on to make such a silly unfuturistic and quite literally a dumb statememt like that. Does he really think that a journalist, whose sole purpose is to collect data and write articles, needs a full blown computer?

Honestly, this kinda scares me because as a tech consumer I want to see companies like Microsoft, who’ve done so much for the industry, succeed. And yet it is hard to believe in that successul future, if the CEO himsef is still kinda stuck in the past while future is almost here.

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